CHADWICK Elizabeth, Shadows and Strongholds

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   « An author who makes history come gloriously alive. » The Times.
   « Elizabeth Chadwick knows exactly how to write convincing and compelling historical fiction. » Marina Oliver.
Le livre

   England, 1148 – ten-year-old Brunin Fitz Warin is an awkward misfit in his own family. A quiet child, he is tormented by his brothers and loated by his powerful and autocatic grandmother. In an attempt to encourage Brunin’s development, his father sends him to be fostered in the household of Joscelin de Dinan, Lord of Ludlow. Here Brunin will be educated in knightly arts.
   Hawise, the youngest daughter of Lord Joscelin, soon forms a strong friendship with Brunin and they grow up together against a tumultuous background. Family loyalties mean that her father, with the young Brunin as his squire, must aid Prince Henry of Anjou in his battle with King Stephen for the English crown. Meanwhile Ludlow itself comes under threat from Joscelin’s rival, Gilbert de Lacy. As the war for the crown rages, and de Lacy becomes ever more assertive in his claims for Ludlow, the relationship between Bruinin and Hawise is irrevocably changed as theirs parents arrange a marriage between them.
   As the pressure on Ludlow intensifies and a new Welsk threat emerges, Brunin must confront the future head on – or fail on all counts...

Editions Time Warner Books, Historical Fiction, année 2005, ISBN 0751532738, état général correct, couverture souple, dos légèrement marqué, intérieur et tranches des pages et intérieur légèrement jaunis, livre broché format de 12,5x19,7 cm, 568 pages.

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