CHEEK Mavis, Pause Between Acts

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« In this wonderful tale of life after Jack in downtown Chiswick, Joan becomes the object of everyone’s good intentions... Joan’s attempt to preserve her independence against the undesired overtures of colleagues, neighbours, parents and would-be suitors provides an hysterical backdrop for all that follows ; with total chaos reigning, there is never a dull moment... Guaranteed entertainment from start to finish. » Time Out.
« A very funny novel with good characters and an inventive, well-controlled plot... She is a shrewd observer with a fine ear for dialogue. » Daily Telegraph.
« She writes with such robust good humour and startling assurance that it’s impossible not to be hijacked by this saga of dramatics, amateur and otherwise. » The Times.

Mavis Cheek was born and educated in Wimbledon, and now lives in West London with her daughter. She worked for the art publishers Editions Alecto for twelve happy years before becoming a mature student at Hillcroft College for Women, wher she graduated in Arts with Distinction. Her short stories and travel articles heve appeared in various publications and “Pause Between Acts”, her first book, won the “SHE/John Menzies First Novel Prize. She is also the author of “Parlour Games”, “Dog Days”, “Janice Gentle Gets Sexy”, “Aunt Margaret’s Lover”, “Sleeping Beauties”, “Getting Back Brahms” ant “Three Men on a Plane”.
Le livre

Joan’s answer to life after divorce from Jack is simple : happy seclusion. She rejects the outside world and embarks on a contented existence of isolated self-indulgence. But when her nice neighbours Fred and Geraldine introduce her to the roguishly desirable actor Finbar Flynn, the walls of the citadel begin to crack... 

Editions faber and faber année 1998, ISBN 0571190782, bon état général, couverture souple, dos légèrement marqué, intérieur frais, tranches des pages très légèrement jaunies, livre broché format de 12,7x19,7 cm, 262 pages.

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