CHRISTIE Agatha – Death on the Nile

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   The construction is flawless… Poirot excels himself..
   Daily Mail
Résumé du livre
   She was a woman who appeared to have everything – beauty, riches, a loving husband – and what lovelier prospect than to take a cruise on the Nile ?
   But to the discerning eye of Hercule Poirot something seemed amiss...
   Only a few days later, in the warm darkness of an Egyptian night, Linnet Doyle was shot through the head.
Extrait du livre
   « Linnet Ridgeway ! »
   « That’s her ! » said Mr Burnaby, the landlord of the Three Crowns.
   He nudged his companion.
   The two men shared with round bucolic eyes and slightly open mouths.
   A big scarlet Rolls-Royce had just stopped in front of the local post office.
   A girl jumped out, a girl without a hat and wearing a frock that looked (but only looked) simple. A girl with golden hair and straight autocratic features – a girl with a lovely shape – a girl such as was seldom seen in Malton-under-Wode.
   With a quick imperative step she passed into the post office.
   « That’s her ! » said Mr Burnaby again. And he went on in a low awed voice : « Millions she’s got... Going to spend thousands on the place. Swimming-pools there’s going to be, and Italian gardens and a ballroom and half of the house pulled down and rebuilt... »
   « She’ll bring money into the town, » said his friend. He was a lean, seedy-looking man. His tone was envious and grudging.
   Mr Burnaby agreed.
   « Yes, it’s a great thing for Malton-under-Wode. A geat thing it is. »
   Mr Burnaby was complaccent about it.
   « Wake us all up proper, » he added.
   « Bit of difference from Sir George, » said the other.
   « Ah, it was the ‘orses did for him, » said Mr Burnaby indulgently. « Never ‘ad no luck. »
   « What did he get for the place ? »
   « A cool sixty thousand, so I’ve heard. »

Editions Fontana Collins année 1990, ISBN 0006168957, état général correct, couverture souple, couverture tranche et dos légèrement marqués, tranches des pages et intérieur jaunis, livre d’occasion broché format poche de 11x17,7 cm, 252 pages.

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