D’LACEY Chris et NEWBERY Linda, From e to you

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Livre en langue anglaise
Les auteurs

   Chris d’Lacey says of Linda Newbery...
   “I think Linda is a terrific writer. It scared me to the death when she first suggested a collaboration because I feared I could never match the beauty of her prose. She was written lots of books coverting various age groups. My personal favourites are “Ice Cate” for younger readers and “The Nowhere Girl” for young adults, which was nominated for the Carnegie Medal. Linda is a chatty, amiable person and a good friend. She loves cats, vegetarian food and tending her garden pond. I’d like to think we might write together again. It would be interesting to see how the relationship between Guy and Annabelle develops.”
   Linda Newbery says of Chris d’Lacey...
   “I didn’t know Chris d’Lacey when I was asked to judge a short story competition and chose his (anonymous) entry as the winner. Il wasn’t just the best – it was outstandgly the best. Chris is good at winning prizes – his first novel, “Fly, Cherokee, Fly” was Highly Commended for the Carnegie Medal. If you want to read the best description of a pigeon you’re ever likely to come across, go to page 130. Chris lives with his wife Jay, cat Pippa and five pigeons, and knows all about confocal microscopy. He is a tireless e-mailer and a generous friend, and tells terrible jokes.”
Le livre

Jupiter has been spotted ! This morning I heard a terrible scream and ran outside to see what it was. I was a bi surprised to see Mrs Swanley, our next-door neighbour, hanging off her trellis arch ! She had seen a RAT “scampering about” on our lawn... Oops, gotta go.
Dear A,
Thanks for the picture of Jupiter’s Great Escape. But where’s the picture of you ? Do you have other e-mail penpals apart from me ? You’ve probably got dozens or e-males. Just wondered...
Dear Guy,
The answer is no. I have never had a proper boyfriend either... hang on, there’s someone at the door. Guy it’s the police ! They want to know if they can speak to Dad. Guy, the police. What’s going on ?
Gotta run, soz.
A (X)

Editions Scholastic Press année 2000, ISBN 0439013011, état général correct, couverture souple, couverture tranche et dos légèrement marqués, intérieur et tranche frais, livre broché format de 13x19,3 cm, 202 pages.

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