DRAKE David et FAWCETT Bill, Counter Attack, The Fleet, Book 2

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   Pledged to protect us all.
   The soldiers of the Alliance come from different worlds, different cultures. But they share a common mission : to reclaim occupied space from the savage Khalian invaders. The ruthless aliens, armed with lasers and plasma cannons, have overrun our colonies with their warships and spies. Now mankind’s fighting back-searching for the Khalian home world. It’s a desperate mission of intergalactic seek-and-destroy. And even across a thousand light-years, the best defense is still... the Fleet.

Editions ACE Science Fiction, année 1988, ISBN 0441240879, bon état général, couverture souple, couverture tranche et dos légèrement marqués, tranches des pages et intérieur un peu jaunis, livre broché format poche de 10,5x17,2 cm, 311 pages.

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